Hello world, Hello readers.

Since the beginning of the year and i said the yabes prayer to Lord, I just keep my faith that God will have heard it and open His chosen People to help me and my daughter. I have been working in the Government University (UNCEN) Papua-Indonesia since 5 years ago, since i left the singapore school in Medan. I try to broden up students of papua mind set, be a good manner and draw near to GOD.

Life full of lies, But money never lie.

Once the prayer been answer from heidelberg university, They want to see my hard work and How it goes ? They only choose TOP 15 among 200-250 Germany Researcher Alumni around the world.

Of course Many people hopeless, But hopeless word not to the biotechnician person like me.Two times i sent my proposal with so many corrections then ‘not success”…lolz. The first proposal was very familiar , about Biofilm Disrupt to clean water oxide contamination from uranium in papua. And the second one about DNA mispair cancer.(the DNA mispair to kidney cancer patients who consumption water uranium oxide in papua).

Seem only in imagination those matters happenthat i mention above…

but thank you for the chance to be your TOP biotechnicians again. I know the success belongs to people who try, not to people who barking…:)

God bless you Heidelberg, can wait to get the chance.