looking through the seven stories
written over four years
i notice this

their subjects are strange
the breath they give off
between olive oil and pus
is mouldy
their heroes are not heroes et all
apart from two or three

almost all the actions described
are scarcely to be recommended

and yet
giving an account of past conditions
they state
their particular quality
using the approriate names
striking a balance between stenght and cowardice

we ourselves
children of the changed age
would like
to recognize the goal and extent of the change
to turn our gaze into the puzzling other
as our point of departure

in rolf schneider book (1965)

i suggest you also to read this kind of book, the first appearance in english of the work of a young east german writer who has won a european reputation.

speaking about reputation,its remind me to finish my antysalmonella thypii extract gruner tee book, soon……