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Prolog (2009)

I  don’t know why should he tells you about antisalmonella which quesy people usually like, but I know that without antisalmonella they cannot eat any meats or eggs or animals proteins. Looks so simple but fully researchable indeed.

About 9 years ago while he finished his bachelor degree, he got tifoid fever. In his small brain there’s no difference between tifus and tifoid. They were similar sickness.

And when time goes up, he decided to learn more about this subject. And of course he never dream about hoax times.

Start by biochemistry assistance under his senior biochemistry protections, he learnt  much and more effective than others biochemist at that time. Without any break nor violence, they do some heavier  experience in biotechnology. Their  teams so confidence  and solid about tomorrow’s dreams and their purpose only for the benefit of human kingdom, so nicely.

In their fantacy, tomorrow would be very bright and sunny without any complaint. Then suddenly one by one his biochemist classmate going abroad to german, the land of biotechnologist dream. Others thinking about japan and malasya  but they know that he was not included.

Survive to the german land, struggle for life, on his mind.

You never know how bad the situations after bali bom victims 2002.

That’s the beginning of their suffer in biochemistry lab. The part  bodies of bali victim’s really scarcely  and unpleasant to stay a long in the lab again.

They  do nothing for their traumatic against terrorism, just to be positive thinking that the part bodies of the bali victim’s could be the negative control of terrorism. It means there’s no terrorist stuff in their biochemistry research group. The aim of DNA mitochondrial forensic could be done faster  and then their research would be the excellent grades.

To be continued…..next time

In the year of Chemistry Internationalle 2011 this biochemie dreams book already published mit VDM Verlag germany; You can order and get the first editions…:) danke schoon

The  indonesia's preliminary anti salmonella thypi research