Hello world.

Many people barking about my activities on catholict church; they suppose to see me almost atheism with all the suffer i have, there was no justice to VY and Dita BRI chiness nado as the famous robbers last year, and javaness haters terors on TV. It’s right with the idea that God will not allow bad things happen to those who don’t want the temptations(by the hookers et al…:)
Just left the bitchy idea for a moment guys because they will need my Rhizhoporus var papuanus capsulated+ ARV sooner.I also saw bitchies activities on TSM bandung; nice to write….

The next memories of me and my papua students while doing practicals Biochemistry of nutritions on General Hospital Abepura Papua still on my mind,Will us doin’ the practicals again or not?? that was how the patients with kidney cancer be founds and the idea biofilm uranium oxide appears to help reducing the waste water.I always missed them and pray God will give them best future and enhancer their future on UPH, Australia, Germany etc…
Not many teaser wants this world be happy and clean. I know these all project gaining a lot of money for their future weapons or future wars.By mentoring students with good conduct and manner i hope they will give a better changing not only in papua but also around the world.
And unfortunatelly all the hasslers with their pressure to me more harder day by day because of these research.But very nice to be writen then.The inhibitors looks like mutants.

timika kuala kencana

I left you for a while and i will be back for the heidelberg medicines for my father.
But then if the worst things happen to you, that you know what to do then.

author serial petani kimia
author serial petani kimia