Many people barking about my activities on catholict church; they suppose to see me almost atheism with all the suffer i have with java haters on tivi.

The next memories of me and my papua students while doing practicals Biochemistry of nutritions on General Hospital Abepura Papua still on my mind,Will us doin’ the practicals again or not?? that was how the patients with kidney cancer be founds and the idea biofilm uranium oxide appears to help reducing the waste water.I always missed them and pray God will give them best future and enhancer their future on UPH, Australia, Germany etc…and here is your DPNA

Copy of SMT V GIZI AKT 2014-2(1)
Not many teaser wants this world be happy and clean. I know these all project gaining a lot of money for their future weapons or future wars.

timika kuala kencana


author serial petani kimia
author serial petani kimia, contract lecturer of biochemistry UNCEN PAPUA