The Lord Bless you and keep you;
while singing this song…i remember my difficulties….

Six months after the robber done by VY and Dita BRI et al; i lost all my things and many murders happen around Papua.I cannot teach and useless to contact policemen. Dont you remember that our police sometimes not as united expecially if saw bitchies. (see kombespol reynhart silitonga cases).Then one of my supervisor said : but it usually happen on there’. Yup its usually happen while near independence day freewestpapua, but not to the Lecturer or Health service.They know that educators and Public Health centre really important.
Actually i dont want to write about the criminalism in papua because everywhere would be like Papua people. You know that our people has the teasing brain and robbering brain, indeed. Then everytime i told them my suffer they would not showing emphaty but a naughty eye ; time to show their bandits idea to me.
Maybe for you who never has had any experience teaching chemistry this habit seems normal; but for me this look like a little bit worse than kindergarden students.
I try to look at my bible and OMG i just remember that the thieves also took my bible as their pleasure. I feel ashamed to another religion for those embarrassing attitude; but now i just can sent the forgiveness for all the sinners do. UEA said better not singing then.

cathedral bandung
Rektorat uncen papua
chemistry ITB
Chemistry ITB


Then my speech to PNG ppl after success in doing practicals Biochemistry of Nutritions at Abepura Hospital, Papua.