MANY reader who have been reading my blog and sometimes sent me their  direct comments like this:
‘ how a madly blog”
‘such a mad opinion’
‘a wild world’
or just saying: ‘are a dummies”

Thank you..
That all just another madly comments.

Iam not dummies…this blog as one of the finalis ITB blogger in year 2009. I always trying to broden up my skills and IT proggramme so one day i could make my own website from self studies.
My majoring from Biotechnology ITB-germany so the biology software just the common programme that i know.
Situation in Indonesian Papua getting hot…not only because the uranium and carbon radiactive reactions but also because the pasific country want to make free west Papua. In this  few months i have to leave papua and all my hard work..hiks…

You can laugh of loud right now but remember the rules that the winner is person who laugh at last.

My father is a Proffesor of Bio[Pharmacy) in North Sumatera University; after finished his Master and Doctoral in Kanazawa university  in Japan, he back to Indonesia and tough a lot of students of pharmaciants.
In the year 0f before 2000; we life in harmony in Sumatera ..without any gossip and hatred that spreading by the celebes, amboness etc.
We can study and works without fear of robbering and bitchies.
I try to teach them and mentoring them to be knowable and in good manner’ but it pays they disturb my father in year 2013 while he was doing exercise near house.
I pray that God will punished them, I know:  we can teach and bringing up their knowledge but I am not sure if we can change their rude attitude.
Here is my father book, that I hope you can help him to recovery and found his kinase enzyme for his medicine  asap!!!!
I dont know any more idea to help my father from his illness/injury unless selling his books and my books
God Blessing!!