Once upon a time, there was a place named Kampus Ungu Public health Uncen papua. Enter this place there was a fresh air and “fresh care”… We came from similar back ground nearest Papua island and we dont know that the lecturer not been graduated or even stayed at papua.
I am a brave student, overwhalming with seniority at the first year and at the second year try to get position and to be a popular man at the campus.
I do church activities to get attention( Iam sorry GOD)..lolz….
I do the task from lecturer and of course i am playing with the girls. Wow.. Iam a superman, Badman and catwoman.

Once upon a time under the tree of Winnee the Pooh and without any directions, i found her…a girl and then a few months from january, she left me. Dont feel so sorry becos im already found the newest.

And I saw her, She was the Honourable Lecturer and i think i could play…sorry

I dont know her, I just saw her at the church as the member of Kategorial, and she seldom having fun with others. She always worked,Do’in practicals and etc.

Then its happen: i was the winner as the heart of campus, I was famous and handsome and with my anger face could take places on jails together with ’em.


It was my past while I have no one to share my stories about the criminalism at papua and my stories about separatism.
It was my past while i have no one to give me directions and remain me about my study and my parents
It was my past while i was so childish and need attention so much.
It was my past while i have no time and no reflections from God the creator.

And then i see her again, with her work…her dream to be a PHD.

with the nutritions student of Public Health UNCEN, Do the practicals and give directions to the right way..eventhough its very difficult work to do in the red zone of papua.

Most friends from abroad give her positive points and positive comments…and iam not surprised why.
Becos : She already forgive my naughty and ask me to study english, daily.
one day at kampus ungu Public health UNCEN PAPUA
maybe this unnecessary stories would appears…as famous jokes
of campus life!!!

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