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After the never resolved stories of KOMBESPOL REYNHARD SILITONGA and their batak bitchies, the enemies grow more and more. Sometimes its difficult to smile or greetings the suspicious.
I just have finished our onging research again against HIV AIDS in PAPUA. The winds blow up the tragedy in titiran Bandung year 2003 while amboness, dorbong et al doing hassle and robbing and the police just watch the victims like see nothing.
And reporting to the policeman at the time seems useless becos they work if they have money.
If i had know the east indonesia behavour fully murder, my idea similar with habibie idea, let them free and rob other countries.
Disturbing my reseach by doing hassle and gossiping until idiots just raising the virus and spread conflict (usualy SARA) and it really the enemies of all.

Truly its very bad living in the country who never educated and robber everywhere. Luck that they didnt disturb you, they always disturb sumatera.
I try to write as best as i could to describe the indonesian true enemies…
Then the next question is: can you speak english? Or you just can speak bulshit…