reynhard brains
reynhard brains

This Gasal Semester will ends Reyhard Silitonga and Genk, Who ever your spy or your dorbong simanjuntak or amboness that you pay to disturb our hard work in papua during last 5 years was too late.
Ignoring my Report letter to Kembangan POLICE year 2006 No. Pol. 1026/K/XII/2006/SEK.Kembangan and No.Pol:STPL/1064/V/2007/Medan baru North Sumatera about the amboness robber that you have pay to kill us,made you happy and healthier than before. It seems like a darcula got new amount of blood,You make bitchies party at Kavling DKI blok 64/20 meruya utara kembangan jakarta Barat. Of course your family with batak bitchies known as LOnte vivin simanjuntak and kids have fun with our destiny… Sometimes I dont know from whose penis’ lonte vivin got lots of kids suddenly?
Its not my business dear Kombespol, its your responsibilities to GOD the creator and to the ‘people of Indonesia’ that you see them everyday about your increadible murder brains to teachers and lecturers in Indonesia.The mistaken is on your brain.

I just want you know that eventhough you have hassle power,money,guns and penis to under-estimate me and my daughter as widow without letter of divorced from court Jakarta barat; I believe that justice will comes to you and your bitchies generations.

God will make the Punishment ( see on Bible)..

SMT DPNA biokimdas AKT 2014