They said this article from US goverment and only the free article can be read, komandan…How ever i would like to review those progression in Biochemistry. Last year our students had been fulfilled their hard work as students, do the practical. Sometimes i can’t understand the difference between students at high school and university. Because they must do basic practicals as their curriculum said and then they forgot it.

But this was really happen with my university students of Public Health a few years ago..:)

They got their practical from me ( a Honourable Lecturer)  taken at Hospital Abepura, papua.

Hmm..Biochemistry wasn’t a difficult knowledge for me because i am mastering on it ( eventhough i havent got my PHD…)

Then there they are…dizzing and sleepy…some of them curious to know but the rest of them still learn about: Bahasa…

There’s a special language to mention what exactly they mean. So before wasting my time, i speak in english to them.

How great their english.And meet the papua’s leader also a great advantages for me to write about them.

Sometimes they stay at church and their office, but rest of them try to built Health Facilities for the Hospital.

Speaking about corruotions, of course everywhere talk about it from atjeh to Merauke; but me and my students try to do the practical with out heart, our willingness to learn and get the biochemistry’s knowledge from abepura Hospital.

I know that this place just will be another businessman place;  sending their people to maintain stupid doctors and pretend like a professional doctors (most of them from batakness) and then they will sell a good contract to fills drugs and facilities.

I wonder to know are there KPK over there? I don t think so.

Dose of medicine there will be a great advantages to the patients because they really need it, but unfortunatelly there’s only abstract drugs to help them. The hospital always requires a lot of drugs without knowing the prices. And the patients still dying.

Hard to work in Papua with heart because the situations really hard, full of corruptions with enviromental mutagenesis.

Here our picture taken as memories of our hard work

tielumphd with students
Practical Biochemistry at Abey hospital, papua

IIam not finished with my work as lecturer of biochemistry since year 2000. And the salary never enough. Thats why i really hope that sponsorship from BUMN or Company could help me to Published my SERIAL PETANI KIMIA book of PAPUA. And these journals collections would help you to understand us more and more…



and of course there’s a lot of reasons to combur and this equipment named combur test; could help you to maintain your blood.

abey combur