“What the hell are you doin’ on the last employee ?? while see ing you working at a small lab under singapore license not make me stop thinking and thinking”.

As their head lab i do my work properly until its come, near my lovely x-mas day.

One of my kind journal collegue asking me to write what exactly it was, and i am not afraid to tell you that it wasnt a good fertilizer to your plants.

The chemicals  just changing chlorofil atom from Mg to K  or from Mn to K by redoks reactions of course. Since i don’t have AAS to observe the atomic reactions i just using microscope as well.  Actually i missed GC_MS lesson to identify them. Their reactions only  for 3-4 days to  the varigated green leaf colour changes into purple leaf. In the  4 days the leaf colour is green again and then fell down.A weak leafy plant.

Potassium permanganat  as salt solutions  in heyets and shortland journal has been known as oxidator,similar with ozone.And in the other botanical journal they discuss that PH range on plants could change plants flower but only for a few plants example: hydrangeas,blueberry,azalea,orchid and pin oak.Most of the botanical journal disscuss the effect of adding chemicals salt to soil that could change their  soil PH range from acidic soil  (PH 4.5-5.0 ) to favor more alkaline soil.

Here i show you the effect of potassium permanganat to change the green yellow  varigated leaf from medan plant to be the purple one.

changing leafy  colour
have seen under microscopic 4 x 10 magnification

When doing the observation with  microscope  i am not sure that the potassium permanganat already do the atomic changes to either  chlorofil a or chlorofil b because they just  placed on the veins and did not broken any cell walls nor guard cell on leaf. So can i said that Potassium permanganat due to her duty only effecting PH soil of plants,diffusion and only placed it on cytoplasm for 3-4 days and when soil in  acidic  PH  their colour dissapear?

Yes this microscopic cell would tell you the truth.

under 10 x 10 microscopic
purple granule have seen under 10 x 10 magnification

Potassium permangant is one of the liquid component of  salt in GCE  ‘O level curriculums and i am glad to approve another discovery of living cell with your science curriculum .Hope this information make you more  smarter than before.


written in medan, 12 november 2010