The moon was full of expectancy yet a star was shining through

The clouds had blocked the heavens that night from most people view

But a star shone so brightly and said : I want the people below to see

That there is always a heaven for you and he and she….

I want to let the whole world know and to cry in joy and delight

To tell them that they can see heaven on such a starmy night

They can smile and say to each other:

Look, its waiting there, just for us….

It’s always there, waiting patiently when we really want to be shown

That there still is a heaven to all the people down here below

So the little star smiled and beckoned down from the midnight sky

That this little star in heaven was looking down from up on high

He was saying all and to everyone

“ hey look I’ll always be here”

to have you pray and have faith on everyday

all throughout the year

The moon just look at smiled at the star and said

“ You re inspiration to us all ”

You give out hope and love and companionship

Now matter how big or how small

Let me say this to you, you little star

For from this day till the end of time

You will always been seen and always able shine

For you become one with the heavens, our God

From now till the end of the time.

 by: ( England)

Have a happiest Christmas 2009…to you and all of your family, friends etc…..