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Many people barking about my activities on catholict church; they suppose to see me almost atheism with all the suffer i have with java haters on tivi.

The next memories of me and my papua students while doing practicals Biochemistry of nutritions on General Hospital Abepura Papua still on my mind,Will us doin’ the practicals again or not?? that was how the patients with kidney cancer be founds and the idea biofilm uranium oxide appears to help reducing the waste water.I always missed them and pray God will give them best future and enhancer their future on UPH, Australia, Germany etc…and here is your DPNA

Copy of SMT V GIZI AKT 2014-2(1)
Not many teaser wants this world be happy and clean. I know these all project gaining a lot of money for their future weapons or future wars.

timika kuala kencana


author serial petani kimia
author serial petani kimia, contract lecturer of biochemistry UNCEN PAPUA

Serial Petani kimia: The Lord Bless you and Keep you

The Lord Bless you and keep you;
while singing this song…i remember my difficulties….

Six months after the robber done by VY and Dita BRI et al; i lost all my things and many murders happen around Papua.I cannot teach and useless to contact policemen. Dont you remember that our police sometimes not as united expecially if saw bitchies. (see kombespol reynhart silitonga cases).Then one of my supervisor said : but it usually happen on there’. Yup its usually happen while near independence day freewestpapua, but not to the Lecturer or Health service.They know that educators and Public Health centre really important.
Actually i dont want to write about the criminalism in papua because everywhere would be like Papua people. You know that our people has the teasing brain and robbering brain, indeed. Then everytime i told them my suffer they would not showing emphaty but a naughty eye ; time to show their bandits idea to me.
Maybe for you who never has had any experience teaching chemistry this habit seems normal; but for me this look like a little bit worse than kindergarden students.
I try to look at my bible and OMG i just remember that the thieves also took my bible as their pleasure. I feel ashamed to another religion for those embarrassing attitude; but now i just can sent the forgiveness for all the sinners do. UEA said better not singing then.

cathedral bandung
Rektorat uncen papua
chemistry ITB
Chemistry ITB


Then my speech to PNG ppl after success in doing practicals Biochemistry of Nutritions at Abepura Hospital, Papua.


MANY reader who have been reading my blog and sometimes sent me their  direct comments like this:
‘ how a madly blog”
‘such a mad opinion’
‘a wild world’
or just saying: ‘are a dummies”

Thank you..
That all just another madly comments.

Iam not dummies…this blog as one of the finalis ITB blogger in year 2009. I always trying to broden up my skills and IT proggramme so one day i could make my own website from self studies.
My majoring from Biotechnology ITB-germany so the biology software just the common programme that i know.
Situation in Indonesian Papua getting hot…not only because the uranium and carbon radiactive reactions but also because the pasific country want to make free west Papua. In this  few months i have to leave papua and all my hard work..hiks…

You can laugh of loud right now but remember the rules that the winner is person who laugh at last.

My father is a Proffesor of Bio[Pharmacy) in North Sumatera University; after finished his Master and Doctoral in Kanazawa university  in Japan, he back to Indonesia and tough a lot of students of pharmaciants.
In the year 0f before 2000; we life in harmony in Sumatera ..without any gossip and hatred that spreading by the celebes, amboness etc.
We can study and works without fear of robbering and bitchies.
I try to teach them and mentoring them to be knowable and in good manner’ but it pays they disturb my father in year 2013 while he was doing exercise near house.
I pray that God will punished them, I know:  we can teach and bringing up their knowledge but I am not sure if we can change their rude attitude.
Here is my father book, that I hope you can help him to recovery and found his kinase enzyme for his medicine  asap!!!!
I dont know any more idea to help my father from his illness/injury unless selling his books and my books
God Blessing!!



Hello world
poster resolution

Looking to the back of year 2015, So many sorrows and tears apart. I think not becos God leaving me and hearing your pray first, I think that you needed Him to answer your pray sooner than me.

Then my Resolution still the same, from yabez prayer:
The Prayer of Jabez comes from the Bible. In 1 Chronicles 4:10, we read: “And Jabez called on the God of Israel,

“Oh that Thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that Thine hand might be with me, and that Thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.


May God Blessing and Give me more and more dollars easier than last year…

Happy New Year..2016

christmas night 2015

Catholic Photos – セット 83。

Source: Catholic Photos – セット 83。    


catholic church in japan
catholic church japan 1983


Hello world…
the link

Komponen Gizi dan Terapi Pangan Ala Papua

1. Website :

2. Ebook :

you can order online to jogya


Once upon a time, there was a place named Kampus Ungu Public health Uncen papua. Enter this place there was a fresh air and “fresh care”… We came from similar back ground nearest Papua island and we dont know that the lecturer not been graduated or even stayed at papua.
I am a brave student, overwhalming with seniority at the first year and at the second year try to get position and to be a popular man at the campus.
I do church activities to get attention( Iam sorry GOD)..lolz….
I do the task from lecturer and of course i am playing with the girls. Wow.. Iam a superman, Badman and catwoman.

Once upon a time under the tree of Winnee the Pooh and without any directions, i found her…a girl and then a few months from january, she left me. Dont feel so sorry becos im already found the newest.

And I saw her, She was the Honourable Lecturer and i think i could play…sorry

I dont know her, I just saw her at the church as the member of Kategorial, and she seldom having fun with others. She always worked,Do’in practicals and etc.

Then its happen: i was the winner as the heart of campus, I was famous and handsome and with my anger face could take places on jails together with ’em.


It was my past while I have no one to share my stories about the criminalism at papua and my stories about separatism.
It was my past while i have no one to give me directions and remain me about my study and my parents
It was my past while i was so childish and need attention so much.
It was my past while i have no time and no reflections from God the creator.

And then i see her again, with her work…her dream to be a PHD.

with the nutritions student of Public Health UNCEN, Do the practicals and give directions to the right way..eventhough its very difficult work to do in the red zone of papua.

Most friends from abroad give her positive points and positive comments…and iam not surprised why.
Becos : She already forgive my naughty and ask me to study english, daily.
one day at kampus ungu Public health UNCEN PAPUA
maybe this unnecessary stories would appears…as famous jokes
of campus life!!!

biokim medik
biokim medik
reagen kolesterol
reagen kolesterol
biokimdas practicals
biokimdas practicals

SERIAL PETANI KIMIA: The Best I Can (International journals)

Hi readers,

These words speaking louder than the voice and it gives benefits more than i think. Here the best I can do during 5 years in UNCEN PAPUA, let me know if any university abroad open aplication to hire me and my proffesionalism as biochemistry/ biotechnology lecturer.





fist page
my journal publish

After the never resolved stories of KOMBESPOL REYNHARD SILITONGA and their batak bitchies, the enemies grow more and more. Sometimes its difficult to smile or greetings the suspicious.
I just have finished our onging research again against HIV AIDS in PAPUA. The winds blow up the tragedy in titiran Bandung year 2003 while amboness, dorbong et al doing hassle and robbing and the police just watch the victims like see nothing.
And reporting to the policeman at the time seems useless becos they work if they have money.
If i had know the east indonesia behavour fully murder, my idea similar with habibie idea, let them free and rob other countries.
Disturbing my reseach by doing hassle and gossiping until idiots just raising the virus and spread conflict (usualy SARA) and it really the enemies of all.

Truly its very bad living in the country who never educated and robber everywhere. Luck that they didnt disturb you, they always disturb sumatera.
I try to write as best as i could to describe the indonesian true enemies…
Then the next question is: can you speak english? Or you just can speak bulshit…

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